Friday, June 13, 2014

photo diary // London, take 1

this past fall, Mikey and i packed our bags for a trip overseas for our 2nd anniversary. having never been to Europe before, words cannot describe how excited i was to finally visit the places of my dreams! Our first stop was in London, but for less than 24 hours, as we were on our way that next morning to be in Paris on our anniversary - more on that later :)

we took the Heathrow Express into the city and took the tube from there to our hotel, Club Quarters, in Trafalgar Square. We spent the day and night walking the city, as one should :) we went by Buckingham Palace, went to St. James Park and did some general wandering .. by the evening we had made our way to Leicester Square and had dinner at The Porcupine, which is rich in history and has pictures of famous British actors adorning the walls .. it was a great way to ease into European life :) here are some photos from that first day - our adventures in London, take 1 ..