Monday, November 4, 2013

nathan english photography

a few months back, my husband and i were lucky to have a visit from my childhood friend Nathan and his wife Jana .. they were back in washinton for a short trip all the way from michigan, where they raise their family and Nathan works as a photographer .. his work is mainly in weddings at the present, and his photographs are absolutely stunning!! see more of his work here, definitely worth taking a look ..  to read more about their washington adventure, check it out on his blog .. we both grew up in the small community called Plain, outside of the bavarian tourist town Leavenworth in central Washington .. Plain is incredibly scenic and picturesque; woods, hills, meadows, fields, rivers - you can definitely see the influence of natural beauty in Nathan's work, and i'd like to think that of my own as well!

while they stayed with us, Nathan was kind enough to take some pictures of my flowers - he made them look so beautiful!