Wednesday, November 13, 2013

misty morning // part one

a few weeks back, i organized a photo shoot for some new products for my etsy store, dream like trees .. we took the photos in my hometown of Plain, WA (just outside of Leavenworth) .. I put a lot a lot of myself into this shoot, spent a lot of time preparing, including styling the girls, scouting locations, making the products and taking the photos .. because i was worried about so many elements, and i tend to worry a lot in general, it ended up being a bit stressful .. however, is seems you need a certain element of fear and risk in order to push yourself to grow and i'm really glad i did it .. i'm so happy with the photos and i wanted to share some of my favorites, before having to edit them down for etsy ..

i also wanted to say a HUGE  thank you to some amazing people who helped me, including my beautiful friends for modeling, my cousin for assisting me during the shoot, and Jennifer, one of my best friends from childhood, who lent us her property, and my sweet husband, for always putting up with me :) ..  you should definitely check out Jennifer's blog - she has an amazing way of being completely candid about her life and raising a family in the secluded, peaceful small town.  i couldn't think of a better place to have a photo shoot than the rivers and meadows of the PNW where we grew up ..


second part of the photo shoot coming soon!